Quick start

This page is basically ported from README.md.

Actions Status


  • node >=v11.x <=v12.x


Config file

Check out the config/test.yml file for how to configure the settings:

  merkleTrees: 4
  denomination: 1000000000000000000
  recipients: [
  zeroValue: "2558267815324835836571784235309882327407732303445109280607932348234378166811"


Make sure you set the same value of merkleTrees depth on both config/test.yml and circuits/circom.circom.

After you finish setting the configuration, you can run:

$ npm run bootstrap && \
$ npm run build
$ ganache-cli // or cd contracts && npm run ganache

# In up another terminal
$ cd contracts && npm run migrate


# after finished setting:
$ npm run test

If you get an error after npm run test (probably on node version <=10.x), such as Error: Cannot find module 'worker_threads', please run the following command.

$ export NODE_OPTIONS=--experimental-worker